Save the Date: Rossier Student Organization Spring Recognition Brunch

Please save the date for the Rossier Student Organization Spring Recognition Brunch on April 8, 2017Save the Date.jpg

The brunch is an end-of-year celebration that honors the hard work and dedication of Rossier students, faculty, and staff.  See below for nomination instructions…

To help us recognize these exceptional members of our community, we ask for your help by providing nominations for the following awards:

  1. Student Research Spotlight
  2. Outstanding Staff Member
  3. Outstanding Faculty Member

You’ll find descriptions and criteria for each award, including how the recipients will be chosen, on the nomination form:  Nominations are due Wednesday, March 8 at 5:00pm.
Once you open the survey, we ask that you complete it in one sitting so as to avoid technical glitches.  Each student may only nominate within their own program, and may only complete the nomination form once.

Please note that award winners will be notified in advance of the brunch by a member of RSO.  For one award (the Student Research Spotlight award), nominees will be notified by 3/6 so that we may collect abstracts of their work by 3/10.  Abstracts may be sent in advance of these dates to with the subject line “Student Research Spotlight Nomination – Abstract.”  If you nominate someone for the SRS award, we encourage you to let them know the project for which they were nominated so that they may submit their abstracts in advance.

We thank you for your time on this.  If you experience any technical issues with the nomination form or have any questions about the process, please contact Joanna Drivalas at


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